July 12, 2019

We elect MPs to stand up for their constituents.

In the middle of a housing affordability crisis, it’s more important than ever that our elected officials do everything in their power to ensure safe, secure, and affordable housing in neighbourhoods like ours.

This week, our MP Don Davies went to City Hall and argued against building a 100% rental building on Fraser Street. 

50% of Vancouverites are renters, and when I’m talking to folks in Vancouver Kingsway I hear the same concern—we need more affordable housing. The Trudeau government has stepped up, funding Canada’s National Housing Strategy to make life more affordable. 

After watching Mr. Davies argue against rental housing, I knew I had to act. Last night, I went to the public hearing and told our elected officials that we need to do better. Thankfully, they listened—and that means 121 more families will have a place to call home.

I was shocked that the NDP opposed rental housing. This isn’t a partisan issue—we need to work together to find solutions to these challenges. 

Now I’m asking for your help.

The election is just around the corner. If we’re going to win in Vancouver Kingsway, we need all hands on deck. Can you chip in? 


Your contribution of $5, $25, or even $100 will help our volunteer team have conversations and connect with voters in Vancouver Kingsway. 

I’m working hard to hold our MP accountable, and bring your voice to Ottawa as your next MP. 

Thank you so much for your support.

With gratitude,


Authorized by the financial agent for the Vancouver Kingsway Federal Liberal Association